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The Road Transport Expo returned to NAEC Stoneleigh in the last week of June for its second successful year. More than 200 exhibitors and thousands of visitors from different industries came together for three days to demonstrate state-of-the-art equipment and meet with supply chain experts.

This year, Dawsongroup matched the Road Transport Expo’s ambition for a bigger and better event. Representatives and assets from across Dawsongroup attended the extensive exhibition, showcasing their unique solutions.

A Big Picture Event

The Road Transport Expo 2023 marked the first time that four business units from Dawsongroup exhibited together, presenting some of our big picture solutions. Innovative and diverse assets from several business units displayed our potential for both new and existing customers. One example of this was the Solar Pod from our team at power solutions – a hybrid-solar powered battery that offers an off-grid, sustainable energy source.

“By teaming up with our power solutions colleagues, we were able to demonstrate that we can help businesses on the road to zero emissions with state-of-the-art solar, battery storage and generator systems that also reduce fleet operators’ rocketing energy bills,” said John Fletcher, Managing Director for truck and trailer.

“There are significant opportunities to save on costs and emissions in the refrigeration sector at the moment. It was no surprise, then, that we also saw healthy interest in our hybrid double-deck trailer, eCool urban trailer, and tractor unit fitted with ECO-DRIVE.”

A Sustainable Ambition

One of the best parts of the Road Transport Expo was being able to demonstrate our sustainable products. We exhibited a range of fully electric vehicles and state-of-the-art power solutions. The 30kWh Solar Pod powered the entire stand, including a Temp°store 26, a hot water urn, a fridge, lighting, and charging points for phones and laptops. A fully sustainable exhibit was a great achievement for the power solutions team, the perfect opportunity to inspire current and potential customers.

“The Road Transport Expo is a great opportunity to show our wrap-around service,” said Alex Lees, Development Manager for power solutions. “We go far beyond providing a road fleet. People don’t always know what we can do – and we can do anything they can imagine for their business. We power our customers into the future.”

Smarter Asset Strategy

Dawsongroup’s Smarter Asset Strategy is an important part of our big picture perspective, introducing high-profile decision makers to agile, user-focused ways of working. A risk-free, tailored solution backed with Dawsongroup industry expertise is just what the market needs, and we’re excited to introduce more people to this way of thinking.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can trial new technology for your business before you invest, saving you capital and guaranteeing the right solutions for your business needs.

The Road Transport Expo 2023 has been a resounding success and we are already looking forward to being part of the event again next time.

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