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About us

Powering the future

Dawsongroup energy solutions offer some of the most innovative and flexible energy solutions available on the market today. Capable of transforming the way you power your operations, our technologies add value not cost, and with funding options to minimise investment risk, you can adapt and scale your energy sources.

Whether you need energy generation, storage or both, our equipment is designed to be used stand-alone or combined in fully optimised solutions to create maximum efficiency and optimum energy-saving. Backed by the full Dawsongroup service and our commitment to a Smarter Asset Strategy, Dawsongroup energy solutions can future-proof your energy supply.


Empowering businesses with sustainable energy solutions

Our Mission

Sustainability and reliability are the nucleus of Dawsongroup Energy Solutions. We are committed to creating a positive impact on the environment by helping our customers to lower their carbon emissions, using the latest equipment supplied and maintained with the Dawsongroup 24/7/365 service.

Our Vision

Our sights are set on creating a future where energy is accessible, affordable and reliable for everyone – whilst minimising environmental impact. Our dedication to a Smarter Asset Strategy reinforces every solution we deliver, being truly consultative, and championing user-ship over ownership to reduce risk and overheads.

Our Commitment

Balancing economics with ethics and achieving growth alongside social responsibility

The Dawsongroup values are the bedrock of our success. The commitment we have to all stakeholders, as well as a positive and sustainable future, shapes every interaction with customers, employees and partners.


We are unyielding in our search for new approaches to enhance our products, services, and operations. Our ultimate goal is to be a leader in the energy sector by utilising cutting-edge concepts and technology to offer our customers the most advanced and efficient solutions.

Customer Focus

Dawsongroup deliver – a reputation secured by excellent service levels and our customer-centric Smarter Asset Strategy, to provides unique customer experiences. We strive to exceed not meet expectations.


All businesses in the Dawsongroup family understand the significance of protecting our planet and are dedicated to lowering environmental impact. At power solutions we are no exception, and our continual search for solutions to reduce emissions converges our focus on sustainability.


Partnerships are a way of life for Dawsongroup. We collaborate closely with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to provide individual solutions that are tailored to each customers’ particular requirements. We add value to relationships and have the consultative approach required to deliver optimum solutions.


The safety of everyone using our products and services is a resolute priority of Dawsongroup energy solutions. In a market that is still largely unregulated, we pride ourselves on raising the bar and ensuring customer sites are properly assessed to make sure our solutions uphold the highest levels of safety and compliance.