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Stage V Generators

Powering Progress with Stage V Generators: The Smarter Choice for Business

Stage V generators represent the most advanced technology available on the market. Stage V regulations ensure the lowest emissions yet in generator technology and significantly reduce the production of CO2 and other harmful compounds compared to older variations. Dawsongroup Energy Solutions stage V generators meet the strictest emission standards set by the European Union.

Diesel Generator
Features and benefits

The Benefits of Stage V Generators for Your Business

Stage V generators enables your business to reduce its impact on the environment whilst utilising the performance and reliability of diesel generators.

97% less particulate matter than stage I generators, and 94% less carbon and nitrogen oxide
Alternative fuelling possible using Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO), further reducing environmental impact
Minimal noise for round-the-clock operations
Provides back-up power in the event of grid failure
Durable and protected from water ingress and harsh environments
Easy to transport, deploy and operate for off-grid operations
Create hybrid generators by pairing with portable batteries
CAZ (Clean Air Zone) compliant
Maximise Performance

Stage V Power Generation:
Enhancing Efficiency

Why Dawsongroup

Power Up Your Business with
Dawsongroup's Comprehensive Solutions

Diesel Generator

Bespoke Solutions

We believe that each client’s power requirements are unique, and one size does not fit all. That is why our stage V generators are designed with flexibility and customisation in mind. They can be seamlessly paired with batteries for a hybrid power solution, integrated with solar panels for renewable energy, or combined with any other power source.

They come in various configurations, sizes, and power capacities, ensuring we have the perfect match for your requirements. We also have a wide range of connectors and cables for any application.

Customer service

Our team of experts provide you with guidance and support, from initial consultation through to installation and maintenance. We take pride in our ability to help our customers achieve their energy goals, and we are committed to providing the support you need to succeed.

Smarter Asset Strategy

Smarter Asset Strategy

Dawsongroup’s Smarter Asset Strategy provides you with solutions that ensure the agility and flexibility of your business by utilising usership over ownership, with no risk to capital. We can save you time and money whilst ensuring you stay ahead of the game in a rapidly changing marketplace.

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Take the first step towards more sustainable power

Dawsongroup Energy Solutions is the way forward for the diesel, HVO, hybrid generator market. For businesses that require standby or static generators, we offer flexible contract hire options to ensure you always have reliable power when you need it. Contact us today to learn more about our stage V generators and how we can help your company take the first step towards sustainable and reliable energy with Dawsongroup Energy Solutions.